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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Feedback from Todd Hendricks

Dear Deb,

Hi Deb! Made it back early yesterday morning and SAA got all of our luggage back as well! Thanks again to you and Sue for all the help chasing our luggage. I am 100% that my bag never would have made it back without Sue's involvement! Thanks.

We could not have imagined how great the trip turned out to be no matter how much we anticipated what it would be like. Spending the time with Richard and Geoff was like being with old friends - especially Geoff. Their knowledge of S Africa and wine - even Geoff's knowledge of wine : ) - gave great perspective and their easy-going and friendly manner made us feel like friends were showing us around and never like we were being "guided". We loved hearing the stories of Geoff's experience as an African farmer and all of the great adventures he has had. It was truly time very warmly and fun spent together. With as amazing a time as we had, the experience was really made by the warmth of Geoff and Richard.

The accomodations in CT, Franschoek and Jozie were all perfect for us. Just what we like and find comfortable. Great choices!

Vic Falls was majestic to see and Zambia such a contrast to what we had seen in S Africa. To see black Africans living in villages where subsistence is the objective of everyday life is something that should be seen by everybody fortunate enough to be able to travel to Africa. I would encourage you to encourage people who have never been to Africa to make that a part of their trip.

Lion Sands is an incredible experience. Anything any more luxurious and accommodating is overkill and fluff. They have to be one of the true greatest destination luxury accommodations in the world. The food was incredible and the staff on site made us feel like we were visitors and not just people being accomdated. They were truly glad we were spending time with them. What an experience! Again, the experience of seeing the animals was made even more incredible because of our ranger, DJ. Incredibly knowledgeable on multiple aspects and it never seemed like he was "talking to us", he was talking with us and showing us his country as a friend would. Completely made seeing the animals, birds, trees an experience as opposed to a "tour".

Deb, we could not have had a better trip and a better experience and it was really made because of all the thought and effort your family put into making this an incredible experience for us. Thank you.

Have a nice Christmas and safe and fun travels home for the Holiday.

Todd (New York 2008)



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