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Friday, April 24, 2009

Traveling with Children: SAA and other Tips

Airline Children's Meals: Did you know that many airlines – including Qantas, United and South African Airways (known as SAA) – offer special infant and children's meals?

The SAA chefs developed a "Child Meal" for children ages 2 to 6 years but also have perks such as skycots, baby meals including pasteurized baby food for under-2s, snacks of milk, formula or fruit juice and cuddly toys on board for infants. Speaking of menus, at South African Airways, a Kosher menu has been added to other meal services. Air Chefs and National Quality Solutions, in conjunction with SAA, launched a Kosher Hotline so passengers on SAA and several other airlines may request Kosher meal.

Be sure to pre-order the child-friendly meals when you make your ticket reservations.

It's not surprising that South African Airways is amongst the premier airlines of the world and has been voted ‘Best Airline to Africa’ from the UK for 13 consecutive years.

Here are 9 more Family Travel Tips from Tracey Frost Rensky, CEO of citibabes:

2. Always bring something new that your child has not played with yet and surprise them with it for the long journey.

3. Always, always pack extra clothes for the long flight. Bring things that you can layer.

4. But don't pack too much, that will only add to the burden.

5. Don't underestimate the power of your child's favorite book! This will come in handy when you're trying to get your child to sleep in a strange place at a strange time.

6. DVDs. If you do watch DVDs, make sure to buy a portable DVD player with the longest battery life possible. Get your children excited about your destination by learning a few words of the local lingo with language videos during a long flight.

7. Travel activity kits! Fun packs come with everything you need to keep children occupied for hours: a coloring book, activity pad, crayons, bubbles and a puzzle.

8. Create a travel journal with your children. Not only do the pages allow for days of work and creativity (and some quiet time!), a travel journal makes a wonderful keepsake for both children and parents.

9. Bring some simple open-ended materials for sculpting and play. My children love using aluminum foil for sculpting animals or creating mini works of art. Another favorite is pipe cleaners. Simple and re-usable.

10. But most of all have FUN! Travel is a great way to connect as a family, enrich your children's lives, foster a lifelong love of travel and make memories that last a lifetime!

For more about kids on safari see our previous BLOG post here.



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