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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Explore Cape Town online in High Definition

In September we linked to Virtual Africa's "highest definition picture of Cape Town ever" in our blog, here. Well, they've done it again. This time from a different angle - a rooftop in the city looking up towards Table Mountain. The best part about the new picture is the viewer. You will not believe it. Go to full screen view and then start zooming.
Below you'll see a screenshots. The picture is already zoomed into a section of the photo. I created the inset from a zoom into some people 3,000 feet up on the top of Table Mountain.
The image was created by stitching 1850,fully zoomed (x 20 optical zoom), 10 MegaPixel images together over a 3 hour period. It's 205,000 pixels wide which would be a printout of about 90 m x 15 m!
Here is a canon on the ramparts of the Cape Town Castle:
Zoom away at Virtual Africa here....

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