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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Piglet the rescued Aardvark

Tswalu Kalahari in South Africa has a wonderful story of a recued baby Aardvark to share.  3.7kg (8 pound) Piglet was rescued from a farm in Vryburg and nursed back to health by Dr Dorianne Elliot and Dr Lecsi Jacobson.
After 5 days of nursing he was finally able to stand and after 7 days the drip was removed.  Piglet moved onto Royal Canin babycat Milk with a special bottle.

Apparently a few weeks later the cute little guy figured out how to dig a burrow.  Cause for celebration, but for the fact that not knowing how to turn around (to respond to the increasingly concerned grunts and milk offers), he just kept on digging.  The tunnel eventually collapsed behind him.  His foster team dug three intersecting trenches and rescued him "howling his head off" 36 hours (and 9 meters) later.

Three months on Piglet is 18kg (40pounds) - about a third of his projected adult weight.  He took a private charter flight to his new home at Twsalu Kalahari where it is hoped that with help he will learn to eat termites, dig safe burrows, and meet other Aardvarks.  The full story and more photos are on the Tswalu blog here.


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