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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wonderful feedback

One of the most rewarding parts of our job is hear from clients while they are currently on a trip with us. This came in to me yesterday and literally brought tears of joy...

Deb and Liesl, 
Wow where do I start? CT the beautiful city on the water, love it all! Tranquility on top of nature with the most friendly Capetonians in the middle. It seems as if all of CT is a stress free environment, it must be the constant sun, fresh air and the water everywhere. The history and political changes are remarkable and I am certain will continue to hopefully give more freedom to all here who truly deserve it. From the endless beaches to the fabulous Botanical Gardens, what a great display of nature in a city. Brian, he is quite a human being with a huge committment to the children in his program. He is brilliant with his endless knowledge , has a vast endless amount of information that has made a huge difference in all he has showed us and talked to us about. He is a true professional, serious at times but we have laughed our asses off along the way. He took us to his outreach program at the school today, during the kids noon break, where the kids had a half hour to ask us questions about New York and our feelings about CT. They were all so excited, so respectful and of course so curious about New York. From there we went to where they cook the food for the kids and where they make their sandwiches for school. What a humbling reality!! There were 6 little kids that we had so much fun with, and taking pictures with. I must admit I never knew much about Aparteid, and have had a rude awakening! It's amazing how a corrupt government could destroy so many people life's. It is apparent though that the Blacks, Whites and Coloreds are definitely moving forward together, or at least it appears that way. Brian doesn't know it yet but Roxine and I will be sponsoring one of his kids from his outreach program that he and Melanie are so committed to. When we went to the Kitchen today we brought 20 kilos of rice as a little gift that they were greatful to receive. We will bring home a photographic exposé as we have 2 great cameras and have been clicking away. It is hard to believe how much beauty and ugliness exist in Capetown. The township we saw today with 1,200,000 people living in sheer poverty will never leave my mind, but neither will the smiling eyes and faces of all the school kids we met today. Roxine and I look forward to getting together with you, Deb when we return home. Beautiful sights, beautiful weather and many wonderful people everywhere, what more could we ask for, for the start of this great journey. Our thanks to the Roar Africa Team!! Charles and Roxine, New York

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