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Monday, January 15, 2007

Elephant calves are children too, December 2006

Elephants are amazing animals. In December 2006 John, Melanie (Roar Africa clients), and I watched in amazement as an Elephant mother tried to protect and discipline her playful calves.

We were at Amakalala reserve when we came across a herd of elephants playing at a water hole. The calves were having fun in the water while their mother watched over them. It was like a mother and kids around a neighbourhood swimming pool. As our Land Rover approached the mother elephant hustled her calves from the pool for their protection. Then she turned to face the Land Rover just in case we posed a threat. We didn't, but as soon as her back was turned her calves dashed back into the water to continue their game. They were just like mischievous kids and just like a mother, she had to hustle them out again.

Thanks for sharing the pictures John and Mel.

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