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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Uthando - responsible tourism

I am excited to share some news and progress from our philanthropic partner, Uthando (Love) South Africa. Starting on July 1st Uthando will conduct a regular schedule of tours to their projects around Cape Town. These are not "tourist visits" to poor townships. Or "township tours". Yes you will visit townships but you will experience so much more. These are "authentic introductions to the social problems confronting so many South Africans, and the innovative and truly inspirational ways in which these problems are being handled" (Uthando). These tours define responsible tourism. They are a chance to learn, experience and be inspired.

The regular schedule of tours runs from Monday through Saturday. All trips run from Cape Town for about 4.5 hours (8.30am - 1.00pm) and are R650 (+/- $85) per person. That includes transport, tea/coffee/snacks, and a donation. The tours all begin with insight into the political and cultural heritage of the townships around Cape Town, visiting sites of the struggle against the Apartheid regime. Thereafter there are visits to specific Uthando projects. Here are some examples of the projects you might visit:
  • Khumbulani Day Care Centre: Day care for children infected or affected by HIV / AIDS
  • Abalimi Bezekhaya (Xhosa for “The Planters of the Home”): organic gardens providing income to impoverished locals
  • Volcano Arts Project: Working with youth and schools to teach arts and life skills
  • Khayelitsha Special Needs School: Develop skills and impart knowledge to disabled children.
  • The Mdzananda Animal Clinic: Working to address animal welfare in Khayelitsha township
  • Beauty for Ashes: A halfway house and prisoner rehabilitation project in Observatory.
  • Jikeleza Dance Company: Performing arts for children from poor areas, providing them with a talent while building self-esteem, discipline and teamwork .
Sample tour (click the picture).

For full tour details click here or speak to Roar Africa to arrange it for you.

Come and learn something on your trip. All that's required is your enthusiasm and energy so save a half-day in Cape Town for an inspiring visit with Uthando.

See also my post from last month after a visit with Uthando.

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