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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lion pride social behaviour

Matt and Nina from New York joined us in November and witnessed a wonderful social dynamic unfold within a pride of lions. The event was captured by them in a series of photographs while on safari at Singita in the Greater Kruger National Park. Here they are with a brief explanation. (Click photos for larger version.)

The females and cubs are lounging around when the male lion approaches (photo 1). He keeps his distance lying down away from the pride (2). This seems torturous to them and is evidence of his social standing. They want his attention but they respect his decision to remain aloof. Both the lionesses and cubs stay back but keep looking over (3). One cub, ears folded back seems particularly desperate to interact with him (4 & 5). After a while he wanders over and greets the pride much to their relief and excitement (6). They can now get on with their afternoon (7).
Thanks for sharing the photographs Matt and Nina.

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