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Monday, June 30, 2008

Well Souled South Africa, Mital Shah

Roar Africa’s mission is to partner with you to create a personal and unforgettable experience. This requires a deep and intimate connection with your destination and is not tourism which is simply “the practice of traveling for recreation” Merriam-Webster. With this mission in mind Roar Africa is proud to introduce our new friend and partner, Mital Shah.

Mital Shah, a former fashion executive at Vera Wang, had a “coffee shop moment” in New York in 2007 which led some dramatic changes in her life. Shah embarked on a six month journey through South Africa, formed Well Souled, and produced its first beautiful, linen bound book documenting her journey. “Well Souled is an invitation to TRAVEL and be traveled. Each collection invites you to connect to a destination as you would to a friend, to learn the shades of its personality, to engage.” Well Souled.

Well Souled’s first book Well Souled South Africa is a beautiful study which weaves together stunning photographs, interviews and trendsetters as well as Mital’s personal reflections. It is not a travel guide; it is a series of impressions and an exploration of South African style across a broad spectrum. It’s also a philanthropic project: 20% of its profits go to organizations helping AIDS orphans.

On July 22nd Mital Shah will join us at Roar Africa’s Taste of Southern Africa event in SoHo, New York.

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