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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mugabe and The White African: movie review

Yesterday I watched the first screening of Mugabe and The White African here in New York with five good friends. The movie dives straight into a very personal account of the Campbell's and Freeth's courageous struggle for their farm. There is a strong message that the right thing to do is to stay and fight for what is yours. I wondered if some Zimbabweans who emigrated might feel implied disapproval of their decision to leave. However, everyone's circumstances and resources are different and the Campbells do not judge others, just themselves against their own strong ideals and their God's - they are religious people.

This is very much a close-up view. Some prior knowledge of the Zimbabwe situation and recent history would be helpful for the viewer but it is not essential. I found it gripping because it is so personal, harrowing, and the failure of law and order is so complete. Ultimately it goes far beyond the Campbell's and Freeth's because their tenacity and legal action at the SADC court sets an example for all of us and hopefully a legal precedent as well.

Mugabe and The White African is essential viewing to validate their struggle and help to bring change to Zimbabwe. We all needed a stiff drink after the show. Fortunately, unlike Mike Campbell in a scene in the movie, we did not have to head out into the night after our drink to protect our land.

See screening info in our previous post here.

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Blogger Rob Breen said...

8/31/09 Facebook update I received from David Pearson to members of Mugabe and the White African - the movie.
Subject: Tragic Events don't deter Ben Freeth

Ben's house, his workers houses and the mango factory were burnt down yesterday. They now have nothing. Carved on trees were expletives telling Ben to "F*** off" etc. The gang responsible for various attacks and thefts on the farm over the months stole tractors and just let the house burn down while Ben and the others were out at church. Ben is still lobbying for justice after winning the court case and seeking reform on the land invasions with politicians attending the regional summit which takes place shortly.

We will bring you more news when we can.

August 31, 2009 at 1:01 PM  

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