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Monday, January 11, 2010

Ellies Kick Off for FIFA World Cup 2010

Everyone in South Africa has caught World Cup fever. In the clip below you'll see some of the elephants (affectionately known as "Ellies") at Camp Jabulani getting their dribbling skills in order. One ellie uses it's trunk at one point. I wonder if that's disqualified as a "hand-ball" or if this is the goalie?

Elephants playing soccer/football
Footage Courtesy of Univision 34
Camp Jabulani, located in South Africa, are known for their luxury safaris on elephant back under the moonlight. The camp was named after an abandoned baby elephant, which was saved by Lente Roode. The camp's main purpose is to help feed and house these rescued elephants while providing guests a once in a lifetime safari experience. A majority of the income is spent on maintaining the elephants and to support the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center, which has became a leader in breeding and rescueing endangered animals.
Camp Jabulani features often on our blog. Click here for more.

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