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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Big Empty

ROAR AFRICA guest: Boyd Matson  hosts the show Wild Chronicles on PBS and the nation-wide radio program NG Weekend. Matson also writes a monthly column for NG Traveler magazine. He recently experienced Namibia with us and a group of 8 friends, complete with a private ROAR AFRICA guide and aircraft. In Boyd's article in the FEB/MARCH 2013 issue of NATGEO he describes the experience as follows:
"Clipping along at 130 miles an hour, our single-engine ride functions as a moving observation deck, allowing us to digest huge swaths of the sunburned Namib Desert in air-cooled comfort. In addition to the fairy circles, the view shifts from black-streaked mountains to abstract sandstone formations to flat and yellow grass-filled pans. From up here, wandering herds of massive Oryx look like swarming ant farms. The highest sand dunes in the world morph from shades of putty to rich ocher. Yet amid all this scenic variety, there is sameness to the picture, a sense of vast nothingness. Namibia is the big empty."
Or so one would think....Namibia has a population of only 2.3 million. The country is vast and time is limited so transfers between lodges is done by plane. ROAR AFRICA's guide & pilot Andrea Guerra, is an avid photographer and knows just how to fly clients so that they can maximize their photographic opportunities and he can show them that Namibia is not in fact the "Big Empty". 
With extra large windows and no middle seats, the plane is designed so that one can photograph every angle of the big picture. However, ROAR AFRICA is known for providing special access and close encounters.  So as with all ROAR trips the design is such that it is never a one size fits all but a "one size fits one". Each lodge and experience is designed so that all senses are engaged and every tiny detail is brought alive. 


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