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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Congratulations to the Summit on the Summit Team!

The Summit on the Summit expedition is the brainchild of singer and producer Kenna. His father suffered from waterborne diseases as a child in Ethiopia. A group of celebrities signed on to climb the continent's highest peak — Mt. Kilimanjaro — to raise awareness about the need for clean water worldwide. The team all summitted the 19,340 foot mountain last week after six days of climbing.

ROAR AFRICA is proud of our clients on the trip who are now enjoying some well-deserved relaxation at a beautiful lodge in Tanzania. Prior to climbing, Jessica Biel said she was astonished to learn that more than a billion people across the globe have no access to clean water.

"This is a basic human necessity that needs to be addressed now," Biel said in a statement, adding that she's proud to climb Kilimanjaro with the celebrity team "to help any way I can in order to raise awareness toward the life-threatening clean water crisis happening not only in Africa but around the world."

Donate to the cause directly through the United Nations Foundation.
1 cent = 1 litre of clean, safe drinking water. 5,910,300 liters donated at the time of writing.

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