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Monday, December 2, 2013

Singita's Recent Joyous Celebration

ROAR AFRICA is dedicated to sharing the majesty of Africa - its lush terrain, diverse wildlife, and beautiful people - with the world. To do this, we work closely with many lodges and hotels, fostering trusted partnerships to ensure that our guests are in the very best hands.

One of our favorites, Singita, is a portfolio of remarkable lodges that do more than just deliver an incomparable consumer experience. In an age where the destruction of pristine wilderness is seemingly beyond repair, Singita is making a profound difference in many parts of our beloved continent. They are orchestrating an interdependent relationship between communities, wildlife and tourism that ensures true sustainability, and the ability to embrace and share it. Anyone familiar with tourism in Africa will tell that it is no secret: Singita is blazing a trail which is seldom achieved on this scale anywhere else on the continent. 

The Singita properties and the people that work there are shining examples of Africa as a place for innovation, adventure, growth, and hope. Recently posted on Singita's blog, the below video is of Joyful Nghala, a recent graduate of Singita School of Cooking - an 18-month program to encourage the development of culinary skills and employment opportunities among local youth, and one of the many ways Singita is positively impacting its community. Joyful is now employed at Singita Lebombo lodge in Kruger National Park, and continues to nurture her passion and broaden her future opportunities daily. 

Watch this heartwearming video to learn more about Joyful Nghala and the Singita School of Cooking...

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