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Friday, December 20, 2013

Give the Gift of Hope - Adopt A Rhino or Elephant

This holiday season give your loved ones the best gift of all – the gift of a future where Africa’s most cherished species still majestically roam. By adopting an orphaned African elephant or rhino through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT), you are directly supporting the sustainability of these two beloved, endangered species.

DSWT was established in 1977 with the mission of protecting Africa’s wildlife from the emerging threat of poaching, a threat that has since well established itself and today runs rampant. DSWT’s main vehicle for conservation is its Orphan’s Project, which has achieved global recognition through its largely successful elephant and rhino rescue and rehabilitation initiatives. So successful, in fact, that since its inception, DSWT’s Orphan’s Project has hand-raised more than 150 infant elephants and effectively reintegrated them back into wild herds, contributing to the births of many healthy, wild-born calves.

Unlike other adopt-a-species programs where recipients receive a photo of a generic ambassador animal, DSWT’s gift adoption program allows gift-givers to choose exactly which orphan they would like to sponsor – offering a more personal connection. Each of the 24 elephant and two rhinoceros orphans available for adoption, have an online profile which includes its name, age, multiple heart-warming photos and a brief biography explaining where the orphan came from and its charted progress at DSTW.

For example, Kamok is an 8-month-old elephant that was welcomed to DSWT when she was deserted by her herd at only one-day-old. She is believed to have been left behind because of her weak joints, which caused her to slow down the herd. Today, thanks to her compassionate keepers at DSWT, Kamok is healthy, learning what it is to be an elephant, and slowly gaining better control of her tiny trunk.

To watch a video of Kamok’s rescue CLICK HERE.

For as little as 50 USD, you can help sustain Africa’s wildlife population for years to come. So forgo the snaking lines and last-minute chaos, give your loved ones a gift that they can share with humanity – the beauty and mystery of the African elephant and rhino.

To adopt an orphaned elephant or rhino for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, CLICK HERE.

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