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Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Bird's-Eye View of Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Nearing the completion of the Treetop Walkway at Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, horticulturists from near and far are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to see Cape Town’s ecological gem from a new perspective - above.

The 130-meter walkway snakes through the Kirstenbosch’s Arboretum, also known as the Enchanted Forest, providing an immersive experience in which one can see and hear life among the trees. Constructed from galvanized steel and timber, the walkway meanders 11 meters above ground, putting guests at eye-level with a plethora of forest-dwelling inhabitants. Due to its winding and twisting structure and its position above the trees, the walkway has been given the nickname ‘Boomslang’, which is a large, green snake native to South Africa.

In addition to wildlife spottings, the walkway will provide breathtaking views from the treetops of Table Mountain and the Cape Flats. “The walkway bursts through and above the canopy, giving you an impression of what it is like to be above the forest. At this point, the walkway provides spectacular 360 degree vistas comprising Cape Town and the surrounding majestic mountain slopes,” says Kirstenbosch botanical horticulturist Adam Harrower.

To build even more excitement, Adam Harrower has kindly shared his remarkable "in-progress" photographs of the walkway...

The walkway is scheduled to open to the public on march first and will be of no extra cost for visitors of the park.

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