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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

First Thursday: A Cultural Concept Thrives in Cape Town

The first Thursday of every month in Cape Town has gone not for the birds, but for the artists.
Simply deemed ‘First Thursdays’, the art-walk encourages Capetonians and passers-through alike to savor the crisp evening air of the Mother City while exploring and appreciating its ever-growing art scene. Consisting of anywhere from 15 to 20 permanent galleries and pop-up venues, the walk welcomes visitors to meander from venue to venue eating, drinking, shopping and enjoying the city’s creative culture.
During First Thursdays, participating galleries are open until 9pm as opposed to the usual 5pm and the contributing galleries and exhibitions rotate in order to keep the event fresh month after month. Many of the most relevant and current African artists have displayed their works during First Thursday including Dillon Marsh, Matthew Hindley and Sanell Aggenbach. Old and new, modern and classic, South African and international – there is something for everyone at First Thursday.

But do not think you have to be a studied art aficionado to attend, the buzz and energy of the crowd is alone enough to spark excitement in anyone. It is hoped that soon the art-walk will spill between the galleries’ walls and onto the streets, exuding a more festival-esque atmosphere with shops open after hours, gourmet food trucks and music in the streets.
Began in 2012, with a consort of only eight participating galleries, the event was the brainchild of Stellenbosch University graduate and culture-enthusiast Gareth Pearson. Beyond a love of art, Pearson wanted to attract the people of Cape Town onto the streets after dusk, something atypical in the city. His challenge was met with gusto by the people of Cape Town who eagerly flock to the art walk’s main strip, the creative hotbed that lies between Wale and Strand streets.
More than just a walk, Pearson is a firm believer that interacting on the streets and in a public space can lead to rich experiences and shared little moments that reveal all the things that we, as people, have in common.
So if you find yourself in Cape Town on a First Thursday, do not miss this chance to mingle with the locals and perhaps add a piece of South African art to your collection.
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Blogger Mark Anderson said...

Hey,Cape Town is just as safe as any western city, iv'e been there and i felt perfectly safe it's only certain areas such as the townships that you need to stay away from, i live in Australia and it's no different here, there are lots of rough areas in all the major cities in Australia such as Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth Adelaide etc and theres lots of crime robberies shootings burglaries car thefts car jackings assaults rapes murders kidnappings and abductions in those cities a swell.Thank to all!!

June 16, 2014 at 3:46 PM  

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